Ophelie de Le Baudelaire

Discover the story of the Lady Ophelie, last surviving progeny of Alixandre Lebaudelaire and delegate-at-large of Ishgard.

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Background Information


Full Name: Ophelie Dezirae de Dzemael de Le Baudelaire
Alternate Name: Ophelie of the Smallsword
Birth: 23rd Sun of the First Umbral Moon, 1556 Sixth Astral Era
Occupation: Consul-General-at-Large (later Legate in Garlemald and Ambassador-at-Large) of the Holy See of Ishgard, Delegate of the South Eorzean Trade Company of Ishgard

Familial Association

Father: Alixandre de Le Baudelaire, Viscount Le Baudelaire
Mother: Osha Dolabnha † (biological, d. 1556 Sixth Astral Era), Celestaux de Recettear (recognized, d. 1572 Sixth Astral Era)
Siblings: Arthurioux de Le Baudelaire † (d. 1572 Sixth Astral Era), Ireinne de Le Baudelaire † (d. 2 Seventh Umbral Era)
Romantic Interests: Emmanellain de Fortemps (7 Seventh Astral Era¹)


The epitome of noble grace, perhaps even a shining example amongst her highborn peers, Ophelie often is distinguishable from a crowd by her reserved and upkept demeanor. Those who grow to know her come to find that the seemingly shy girl was anything but, with her facade of refinement fading into a doting and oftentimes ditzy bubble.Until one is as privileged (in her eyes) to be received with the warm demeanor for which her friends acclaim her for, those who approach may expect to be afforded simple cordialness with a defiantly cold edge. Accustomed to speaking in both Common tongue and Old Elezen, no matter what she speaks she carries with it an accent tinged with a refined accent derived from the latter of the two.

Character Story

Pre-Main Scenario

Early in his adulthood, the spare son of the third Viscount Le Baudelaire embarked upon a tour of Eorzea to carry out trade duties as Deputy Governor of the South Eorzean Trade Company. His first destination being the port of Vesper Bay, the young Lord Alixandre took the services of a Gridanian expat as his interpreter. Throughout the travels, the two would grow together until they found themselves in a liaison of the highest scandal; it would come as a shock to few when the woman was found to be heavily pregnant upon their arrival to Ishgard some months later. In efforts to conceal the scandal of a bastard Le Baudelaire, the foreigner was quietly ushered into residency at the family estate under the guise of a wet-nurse to the Lord Sombrequain, the paternity of her child-to-be left to speculation as far as the public was concerned. The curtains drawn for the young lordling's bedroom one fateful morning, the woman gave birth to their bastard daughter far from her homeland; what was already seen as an omen became further exasperated by the subsequent passing of the woman a mere hour later. To avoid what would surely have been an orphaned life, the young Lord Alixandre took it upon himself to pass off the child as a legitimate progeny of the House Le Baudelaire, using the convenient timing of his own son's birth a week later in his favor. In an intimate ceremony attended by various members of her immediate family and that of the Count Dzemael, the child would be named Ophelie Dezirae in honor of her grandmother and early ancestor.Despite a lingering sense of curiosity about the true nature of her birth amongst the elder members of society, the young noblewoman still received a gracious admittance to her caste. In the care of Sophie Penhatteur, a hyur maid originally reared in the Hingan city of Kugane, Ophelie found herself raised alongside her playmate Marianne, daughter of the provincial lordling the Baronet Vautremont, and soon two younger half-siblings. Her childhood surroundings would differ over the years, commonly being moved between the family's holdings in greater Coerthas until finally settling within Dzemael Manor as she began her studies. Many of her tutors remarked upon her intelligence, which seemed only to be augmented by the ambitious and tactful Esprit de Dzemael she came to inherit. Although never particularly inclined to rigorous activity, she found herself skilled in equestrianism and bowship.As was typical with many of her peers, she received the early rites of entry to Ishgardian society shortly after her eighth birthday with her attendance of the annual Valentinone's Grand Masquerade alongside her family in the entourage of the Count Tarreson de Dzemael. From even this early occurrence, and persisting with exponential improvement as years went on, Ophelie's stature exhibited nothing but the utmost attendance to the strict rigueur that applied to both Ishgardians as a whole and members of the state's elite class. Although she upkept the typical demeanor of noble grace, her cordial nature garnered her a favorable reputation. With the elapsing of her eleventh birthday, a formal betrothal was announced between her and the elder son of the Viscount Bonfaurt, the Lord Sylvetraine; despite being part of a family closely associated with the extended Dzemael clique of Ishgardian nobles and an early friend of Ophelie, the two never would see a chemistry develop between them prior to his death in an attack by the Dravanian horde upon the family's rural estate two years later. Without engagement, and by reportedly her own advocacy, she was given leave of her studies to understudy within her father's trade delegation which had then been stationed in Vesper Bay.It came to little surprise that the thirteen year old lady, escaping the highly confining nature of Ishgardian rearing, would see a brief period of rebellious behavior follow, commonly being of issue with others. It would take some effort by her father's stern instruction that she would begin to form herself into a prominent figure amongst the merchants of Ul'Dah. The noblewoman's prominence became ever more evident when she, alongside her father, took part in the first Ishgardian merchant mission to the Far East in over a century. Her brief residency in Kugane would prove highly fateful, as the events of Calamity and the so-called "Year of Four" saw her father elevated to the title of Viscount Le Baudelaire.By special sponsorship, often rumored to be a significant financial endowment, she received formal admittance to the Sharlayan Studium in spite of restrictons related to the Calamity at an age of sixteen years; her prior studies in both Ishgard and Ul'Dah may have prepared her abundantly in conventional education, however the advanced nature of the institution's scientific field led to harsh criticism. Nonetheless, with a finalized education, the young nobleman received appointment to serve under the then-Ambassador-Legate, Francette de Metiervieux, as his commerce attaché.With a further endowment received from the state in this diplomatic mission, she found it possible to continually expand the presence of Ishgardian merchants throughout Eorzea and, by a close familial ties to many involved parties, the Far East to a point that saw the closeted nation become more accessible to the outside world than had been in many ages. During a two year period, during which she saw herself temporarily stationed in Gridania, Kugane and Thavnair, Ophelie gained a particular closeness to her mentor that enabled her to further her advancement in the Ishgardian diplomatic corps.

Events of the Main Scenario

Having distinguished herself as a competent mind amongst the aging diplomatic corps, the Baron Metiervieux, now the leading diplomat under the Holy See, shocked many of society when he appointed her as a Consul-at-Large and enabled her freedom to establish her own mission at the age of 21; despite not holding significant diplomatic authority that those posted as legates did, the post of consul carried with it great influence as a proponent of Ishgardian culture and trade abroad as well as various humanitarian responsibilities for Ishgardians domiciled elsewhere. Vesper Bay being one of the primary hubs of trade in Eorzea, Ophelie decidedly made the city she once resided in during her adolescence her first establishment. She would come to be a frequent caller to the court of Nanamo Ul Namo and eventually play host to several prominent figures. Although deemed a successful venture, she and her mission would be promptly recalled after an attack in Vesper Bay raised cause of concern for the security of their interests.Once more a figure amongst Ishgardian society, she quested to utilize her influence as a diplomatic official to champion for the opening of the city-state's borders to foreign visitors. Her positions, liberal as they were, received mixed reactions yet gained the particular attention of some members of the rival House Fortemps, in particular the Lord Emmanellain. The two had never been particularly fond of one another, with some saying the familial rivalry carried over to each of the individuals. Nonetheless, this past was seemingly ignored as the two began a private association that sparked some questions amongst members of each of their families.

Notable Non-Played Character Affiliations

Viscount Alixandre de Le Baudelaire - Father
Ophelie de Dzemael, Dowager Viscountess Le Baudelaire - Grandmother
Lady Tiphane de Le Baudelaire, Baroness Rosenthal - Aunt
Lady Atelloune de Dufresne, Baroness Épéelongue - Cousin
Lady Norlaise de Le Baudelaire d'Épéelongue - Cousin
Count Tarreson de Dzemael - Great Uncle
Lady Marianne de Vautremont - Lady-in-Waiting
Mistress Sophie Penhatteur - Maid, Former Governess
Baron Francette de Metiervieux - Mentor

¹ Timeline Adjustment Chart

Era TitleTimespan
Pre-MSQ5 Seventh Umbral Era
ARR5 Seventh Umbral Era
Late-to-Post-ARR1 Seventh Astral Era
Heavensward2 Seventh Astral Era
Post-Heavensward4 Seventh Astral Era
Stormblood5 Seventh Astral Era
Post-Stormblood6 Seventh Astral Era
Shadowbringers/Post7 Seventh Astral Era
Endwalker8 Seventh Astral Era

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History of House Le Baudelaire


Originating in the late 14th Century of the Sixth Astral Era, the Lords Le Baudelaire have distinguished themselves in the fields of military engineering and mercantilism; owing to their relation to the Counts Dzemael, the family has maintained one of the most prominent trading companies in of Ishgard.

Barons de Le Baudelaire

Born in the First Umbral Moon of 1399, Xanderoix Greystone was the only child born of an illicit affair between the Count Dzemael and an impoverished noblewoman of the House Ronceneau; due to the nature of his birth, his initial upbringing was that of a playmate to the legitimate Dzemael children. With his mother's demise in his early teenaged years, the young bastard would be formally recognized and legitimized as a child of the Count Dzemael. Owing to the prominence of such lineage, as well as his endeavors which redefined military engineering, Xanderoix would be formally granted his own appange as the Baron de Le Baudelaire. The prominence of the house would continue to grow later to his years as the Le Baudelaire Engineering Corps found an active role in supporting the efforts of the Dragonsong War alongside the architects of Dzemael.The first of the Le Baudelaire name, the Baron Eugennoix further expanded upon his father's legacy by ushering the family into the fringes of Ishgardian politics. In spite of the stigma of their birth, the efforts of the Baron would see his eldest son invested a position of prominence as a leader in establishing a corps of field engineers which rivaled many others of the era whilst his second son was appointed to the prestigious post of Lord Commander.

Viscounts de Le Baudelaire

Despite being the second son of the Baron Eugennoix, the Lord Commander Octavel would assume the Baronship following the death of both his brother and father during a night-time raid by the Dravanian Horde. Taking after his grandfather, the enterprising young lordling would continue to lead the Temple Knights as he continued to expand the presence of the Le Baudelaire company. It was in the year 1490 that the fates of the young cadet branch were forever changed, as the family managed to receive commission from the Archbishop Thordan V to become governors of the floundering South Eorzean Trade Company of Ishgard; initially backed by the growing coffers of the family's engineering endeavors and grants of the Ishgardian state, careful reorganization and leadership organized by the then-Baron and his wife, Sophianne de Durendaire, would see the company return to its former glory and surpass many of its competitors to find itself resting amongst the most prominent of Ishgardian merchants. It was in this time that the Baron, having proven himself in both battle and politics, found his title raised to that of a Viscount. The wealth and prestige associated with the privileges of the governorship saw the family quickly installed in a position of prominence amongst the highborn of Ishgard, wherein the House formally aligned themselves with the Houses Dzemael and Durendaire. In his autumn years, the Viscount saw to the foundation of a military engineering academy under his endowment.The Viscount Valtemont, although never able to rival the success of his father, would see the stabilization of the family's interests both at-home and abroad. Although he would retain the family's factional positioning, his guidance would see the family begin to adopt a more liberal outlook in-line with their expanding business.While his brother served as a Knight of the Ward, the Viscount Louistaux would see the expansion of the company's trade interests to every corner of Eorzea; the company would for a time be the only to supply goods between Garlemald and Ishgard, ultimately halting imports after the events of 1557 yet, controversially, retaining export operations to the imperial state. Although the company would see success in Ishgard for its extensive imports of international goods, abroad the company gained renown for its involvement in the arms and defense industry as it came to deal the ill-fated goods through various methods.Known amongst the family as the Year of Four, the Seventh Umbral Calamity would see great tragedy brought to the family; the embarked Viscount Louistaux would be killed the initial attacks, in which his son would become the Viscount Thiegaud. In the aftermath, a sickness would come over the House Le Baudelaire; initially claiming the Viscount Thiegaud and his wife, his son the Viscount Sombrequain and his siblings as well as his only legitimate cousins would soon follow them in death. Alixandre, the remaining son of the Viscount Louistaux, would assume the reins of the house. Alongside his daughter, an established diplomat of the Ishgardian state, the Viscount saw to the company's alliance with the East Aldenard Trading Company and with it a profitable relationship with several companies tied to trade in Othard and Thavnair.

Extant Membership of House Le Baudelaire

Character NameTitleRelationPlayer Status
Alixandre de Le BaudelaireViscount Le BaudelaireN/ANPC
Ophelie de DzemaelDowager Viscountess Le BaudelaireMotherNPC
Ophelie de Le BaudelaireLady OphelieDaughterPlayed
Tiphane de Le BaudelaireBaroness RosenthalSisterNPC
Atelloune de DufresneBaroness ÉpéelongueCousin-in-LawNPC
Norlaise d'ÉpéelongueLady NorlaiseSecond cousin once removedNPC
Closette de DelarouerieLady BroichetteThird cousin, WardNPC